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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

IPv6 Neighbor Discovery

IPv6 Neighbor Discovery (ND) is a set of messages and processes that determine relationships between neighboring nodes. ND replaces ARP, ICMP router discovery, and the ICMP Redirect message used in IPv4. ND also provides additional functionality.

ND is used by nodes to:

Resolve the link-layer address of a neighboring node to which an IPv6 packet is being forwarded.

Determine when the link-layer address of a neighboring node has changed.

Determine whether a neighbor is still reachable.

ND is used by hosts to:

Discover neighboring routers.

Autoconfigure addresses, address prefixes, routes, and other configuration parameters.

ND is used by routers to:

Advertise their presence, host configuration parameters, routes, and on-link prefixes.

Inform hosts of a better next-hop address to forward packets for a specific destination.

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