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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Network Access Protection in Vista

Feature Description

Windows Vista includes an agent that can prevent a Windows Vista-based client from connecting to your private network if it lacks current security updates or lacks virus signatures. Network Access Protection can be used to protect your network from remote access clients as well as local area network (LAN) clients. The agent reports Windows Vista client health status, such as having current updates and up-to-date virus signatures installed, to a server-based Network Access Protection enforcement service. A Network Access Protection infrastructure, included with Windows Server Code Name Longhorn, determines whether to grant the client access to your private network or to a restricted network.


Network Access Protection can enforce health requirements for mobile computers, remote computers, and computers directly connected to your private network. Often, users who travel with their computers are unable to connect to your private network for weeks at a time. When they do connect, their connections might be so brief that their computers do not have time to download the latest updates, security configuration settings, and virus signatures. Therefore, mobile computers are often in a less-healthy state than other computers. Network Access Protection improves the security of these mobile computers by ensuring that the latest updates are installed before users connect to your private network.

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